Like Country Music
20 December 2018

Like Country Music

Like Country Music Don’t wanna turn on the TV It’s only gonna bring me down Where’s the good news Everyone’s on different sides But there’s... Read More
06 December 2018

Crazy Money

Crazy Money Well I don’t drive a fancy car But I don’t even wish I can’t take you to a fancy sushi bar But I... Read More
24 May 2018

She’s NYC

She’s NYC I’m a country boy From a one square mile town Good with a simple life Never thought about getting out Out of nowhere... Read More
24 May 2018

Ready to Live

Ready to Live When I was a kid I did what I was told Me and my friends lived like we’d never grow old I... Read More
24 May 2018

Turned On

Tuned On I was married to a screen My whole life was a handheld machine I had a bad case of tunnel vision I didn’t... Read More
12 February 2018

Boots On

Boots On I don’t think I’m just seein’ things, you’re smilin’ at me Yeah, I recognize this feelin’, you leanin’ in, hand on my knee... Read More
08 February 2018


Impatient Don’t tell me you don’t have the time If you’re done you’re moving on that’s alright Or if you wanna go all in and... Read More
06 March 2017

World’s Collide

World’s Collide alternate version Driving down a one way I had all my plans laid out Didn’t need a rearview didn’t have a single doubt... Read More
09 November 2016

Here It Comes

Here it Comes alternate version I should have seen it comin A long, long time ago You gave me every indication Guess I did not... Read More
06 June 2016

I Believe in Forever

I Believe in Forever I believe in forever It’s not that long a time You raise me past life’s seasons Give me reason Give me... Read More