Thank God It’s Country

Thank God It’s Country

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Thank God It’s Country

It’s way too easy to get lost, way too common to be down
You can make it disappear, dancin’ on the stompin’ grounds
When I need a pickup, I don’t need to think much
When it comes to my saving grace

Thank God It’s Country, right on the money
Keep those three chords and truth tellin’ comin’
Bring on the guitars, strummin’ in my heart
No, I wouldn’t trade it for not nothin’
Everybody’s out there lookin’ for an answer
But for me, Thank God It’s Country

A little beer on the boondocks, clouds of dust on back roads
Wavin’ sayin’ hey y’all to people you don’t even know
So, if you want the real high, come on give this a try
Soon I’m bettin’ you’re gonna be sayin’

It don’t matter where you’re from, it don’t matter what you got
It don’t matter what you do, there’ll always be a place for you…..and

David Worby, Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan