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More Country


Everyone’s talking ‘bout trying to be better
But who knows what that means?
Cause all that stuff that they’re doing
Sounds pretty awful to me

All I ever hear is I gotta be different
But they don’t get it at all
Cause how can something so good
Be any kind of wrong

I guess there’s room to improve
So here’s what I’m gonna do

I’m gonna drink more beer
Grow out my beard
Play my music so loud that the next town hears
Lift up my truck
Do whatever I want to do
But it ain’t new
Yeah, I promise I’m gonna be
More country

I’m gonna work way less and fish way more
Light up a few cigars
Eat a whole lot more fried chicken
And be a regular at the bar

I ain’t gonna miss a football game
Gonna win big on my bets
I’m gonna be the best version of me
When you see me next


David Worby, Alyssa Trahan