Waste of Time

waste of time

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Waste of Time

Verse 1
Too many cars in the fastlane
Hustlin’ and bustlin’ like it’s all a race
Everyone’s rushin’, get it done by yesterday

Too much noise on the t.v.
Fightin’, screamin’, not sayin’ anything
Caught up in a cycle when they should be breakin’ free
They look at me and say man what the hell are you doin’ with your life?

Well I’m sittin’ on the beach with a beer in the sand
And singin’ to the stars, a guitar in my hand
Not plannin’ for tomorrow, all that’s on my mind
Is puttin’ down the needle on an old vintage record
When you do it that way, man it sure sounds better
They say I’m missin’ out, so much is passing me by
But if you ask me that’s a damn good Waste Of Time

Verse 2
Now I ain’t puttin’ down the lifestyle
But have you ever tried goin’ freestyle
I’ll bet it’s gonna feel good to switch it up and take it slow

And if you find this ain’t for you
Then keep on keepin’ on, it’s all cool
But if you wonder what I’m up to, you already know

Repeat Chorus
Minutes spent feedin’ your soul, well they ain’t wasted at all
Repeat Chorus
Tag-It’s a damn good Waste Of Time

David Worby, Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan