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Tuned On

I was married to a screen
My whole life was a handheld machine
I had a bad case of tunnel vision
I didn’t know what I was missing
Then I bumped into you
I still swear I didn’t mean to
Everything went down
And since then it’s all a slow dance now


I get turned on by turning off
I get a rush, some kind of buzz
When the world stops
Oh baby you charge me up
You’re so much more than enough
Who’da thought
I’d get turned on by turning off

I’ve never been this connected
All from disconnecting
Now your hand is holding mine
Making up for lost time
A new window is open
And these words are just flowing
This moment right here is ours
I’m only gonna share it with your heart


I got something real at my fingertips
It feels so good to feel a touch like this


Mark Narmore, David Worby, Alyssa Trahan