It’s All Good
14 October 2019

It’s All Good

It’s All Good (Verse 1) It ain’t on you, it ain’t on me Sometimes it ain’t meant to be We gave it a shot, we... Read More
20 September 2019

And Then Some

And Then Some I was real good at making a mess In over my head, drowning in regret I mean, I’ve never didn’t give it... Read More
20 September 2019

Breathin’ This Air

Breathin’ This Air Windows boarding almost every barroom in this town Uhaul loaded up cause someone else is moving out Gotta travel twenty miles or... Read More
20 September 2019

Seein’ Other People

Seein’ Other People (Verse 1) In the back of the back of my mind I try to keep you there Your words runnin’ on rewind... Read More
11 June 2019

Guilty As Charged

Guilty As Charged Female Vocals The witnesses put me at the scene of the crime And I know darn well all the fingerprints are mine... Read More
06 June 2019

Oh My God

Oh My God People begging on the side of the road for nothin but a hot meal Turn on the news thinking there’s no way... Read More
28 May 2019


Keeper She keeps me out of trouble Yeah that’s right Keeps me down to earth and humble And home every night She keeps me in... Read More
28 May 2019

Grass Ain’t Greener

Grass Ain’t Greener Everybody wants what’s they don’t have Thinking it will make them someone But that’s a path that leads you to nowhere Cause... Read More
16 February 2019

Country Heroes

Country Heroes Male Vocals Female Vocals Everybody has one Even if we might not know it They fly under your radar And so often go... Read More
20 December 2018

Like Country Music

Like Country Music Don’t wanna turn on the TV It’s only gonna bring me down Where’s the good news Everyone’s on different sides But there’s... Read More