If It Ain’t Broke

if it aint broke

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If it Ain’t Broke

The heater ain’t working quite as well as it should
But we ain’t freezing grab a blanket it’s all good
The faucets dripping but waters flowing
If the trucks still driving don’t go mess under the hood

It it ain’t broke don’t go fixing it
If it’s still running don’t go ditching it
If you can make it work then make it work
If it ain’t broke don’t go fixing it

My girl and I aren’t always on the same page
Any fight we have I say it’s just a phase
She thinks her and me need couples surgery
But I know we can make it through anything


It’s working out so let it be
Let’s not make it harder than it has to be (2x)

Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan, David Worby