Screenwriter Playwright Songwriter Author Poet Television Writer Television Commentator Radio Show Personality Nationally Recognized Trial Attorney Here are just some of the albums featuring songs from David’s vast music catalog. VIEW ALL country heroes River Dixon kyle I Never Let You Go All That I Am Can't Get My Heart Around That Doin' What You Love worlds collide Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer Very Truly Yours
Rebel Without a Pause
The Sicilian Bachelor
Escape Roots
You're Not Mozart
Primary Evidence
Proximate Cause
Ghetto Girls
Among the Righteous
Perfect Date
Nationally Recognized Trial Attorney wve

The word ‘Creativity’ describes David Worby’s life. As a composer, screenwriter, playwright and author he has realized many successes. In his extraordinary career as a trial lawyer he has achieved national acclaim for representing 10,000 World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers exposed to lethal levels of toxins.


“David Worby has given a voice to 9/11 heroes who would otherwise be suffering in silence…Because our government has basically abandoned these workers, advocates like Mr. Worby have had to intervene on their behalf.” – U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.

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“David has the rare gift of being able to write successfully in all genres of music.”
– Phil Sweetland, New York Times

country songs
Top Country Songs
country songs
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  2. Crazy Money // Top Country Songs
  3. She’s NYC // Top Country Songs
  4. Keeper // Top Country Songs
  5. Guilty As Charged // Top Country Songs
  6. Oh My God // Top Country Songs
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Top Pop Songs
pop songs
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TV & Film songs
Top TV & Film Songs
TV & Film songs
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  3. How Can I Say Goodbye // Top TV & Film Songs
  4. I Believe in Forever // Top TV & Film Songs
  5. There // Top TV & Film Songs
  6. That’s When You Know You’re In Love // Top TV & Film Songs
  7. I Believe in Forever // Top TV & Film Songs
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