The word ‘Creativity’ describes David Worby’s life. As a composer, screenwriter, playwright and author he has realized many successes. In his extraordinary career as a trial lawyer he has achieved national acclaim for representing 10,000 World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers exposed to lethal levels of toxins.


“David Worby has given a voice to 9/11 heroes who would otherwise be suffering in silence…Because our government has basically abandoned these workers, advocates like Mr. Worby have had to intervene on their behalf.” – U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.

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“David has the rare gift of being able to write successfully in all genres of music.”
– Phil Sweetland, New York Times

country songs
Top Country Songs
country songs
  1. Hope // Top Country Songs
  2. Crazy Money // Top Country Songs
  3. She’s NYC // Top Country Songs
  4. Keeper // Top Country Songs
  5. Guilty As Charged // Top Country Songs
  6. Oh My God // Top Country Songs
  7. Grass Ain’t Greener // Top Country Songs
  8. Like Country Music // Top Country Songs
  9. Country Heroes // Top Country Songs
  10. Turned On // Top Country Songs
  11. Ready to Live // Top Country Songs
  12. Living Large In a Small Town // Top Country Songs
pop songs
Top Pop Songs
pop songs
  1. Play You Again // Top Pop Songs
  2. Wishful Thinking // Top Pop Songs
  3. Blown Away // Top Pop Songs
  4. You Must Have Read My Mind // Top Pop Songs
  5. No Tomorrow Tonight // Top Pop Songs
  6. Alone Another Night // Top Pop Songs
  7. All I Need // Top Pop Songs
  8. No Use In Loving You // Top Pop Songs
TV & Film songs
Top TV & Film Songs
TV & Film songs
  1. Where You Are // Top TV & Film Songs
  2. Meant to Be // Top TV & Film Songs
  3. How Can I Say Goodbye // Top TV & Film Songs
  4. I Believe in Forever // Top TV & Film Songs
  5. There // Top TV & Film Songs
  6. That’s When You Know You’re In Love // Top TV & Film Songs
  7. I Believe in Forever // Top TV & Film Songs
  8. You’re Never Going to Change // Top TV & Film Songs