Boots on the Ground

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Boots on the Ground

Hey I’ve been
Where you are
You don’t know where to start

Feelin lost
Feelin stuck
But you can make your own luck

And I know you’ve heard it many times
You probably have it memorized
But I know that you know that ain’t enough

You gotta roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty
Take the first step get on with the journey
If you’re really wanting something to work out
You gotta put your boots on the ground

Might get it wrong
A couple times
Before you get it right

But that’s just
The way it goes
There’s no high without the low

There’s no such thing as a silver platter
Not giving up is all that matters
I know that you know what it’s gonna take


Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan, David Worby