Crazy Money

crazy money

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Crazy Money

Well I don’t drive a fancy car
But I don’t even wish
I can’t take you to a fancy sushi bar
But I can catch you a fish
I ain’t got a credit card
I’m living check to check
But that’s ok by me cause hey
At least I ain’t in debt

I ain’t got crazy money
But I’m a rich man with a good life
Because I’m crazy honey
About us and I know we’re gonna be alright
As long as I got you and me
Honestly I don’t need no
Crazy money

The only kind of stock I have
I need to feed everyday
And my idea of yachting is
Rowing out on a lake
I built this little house
Got a couple acres cheap
You could pay for vintage stuff
But this here’s all me

Being with is way better than way winning the lottery
Yeah cause all that you are, that you do, that you give me is all I need
You’re more than crazy money
So much more than crazy money

David Worby, Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan