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Bucket List

Everyone’s talking about traveling the world
Gotta do it all gotta see everything
Make a boatload of money and spend it all on dreams
Everyone’s trying to check another thing off
Of their wish list trying to fill an empty heart
Bigger house better car ain’t gonna take em far
But hey to each their own

I got a bucket list
It’s got a fishing pole
And a baseball cap and a beer ice cold
Bait and hooks, wading boots
A tackle box full of the good stuff
I got the blue sky and the radio
And my go to spot nobody knows
Yeah I got it right this is my whole life
My bucket list

Never thought I would find a girl
Who’s so into fishing and doing it with me
We catch em and cook em and have ourselves a feast
And she says she loves me


Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan, David Worby