Country Heroes

Country Heroes

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Country Heroes

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Female Vocals

Everybody has one
Even if we might not know it They fly under your radar And so often go unnoticed

Cause they’re not looking for glory They’re not looking for fame
They do it just to do it
They don’t care if you know their names

Country heroes oh heroes oh
They’re here for you, they’re here for me They’re showing us humility
They’re our heroes oh heroes oh They’re helping you, they’re helping me Showing us some dignity
Country heroes

The teacher on her own dime Working late after school
The volunteer fireman
Who gives it all but it’s never news

The doctor making house calls Knowing he won’t get paid The neighbor bringing over Food for grandma everyday


They’re all around us Helping us
(Ad lib)

David Worby, Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan