And Then Some

And Then Some

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And Then Some

I was real good at making a mess
In over my head, drowning in regret
I mean, I’ve never didn’t give it my best
But I burned out like the end of a cigarette
I couldn’t even feel, I was spinning my wheels

And then some girl
Came along and made it all make sense, yeah
She shook up and lit up my world
Everything is moving cause everything I’m doing
Is for you and for us
You’re all I ever needed
All I could ever want
And then some

Nothing stays perfect, I know
There’ll be bumps in the road no matter where we go
But we’ll ride it out and take it slow
Yeah, you lead my soul and I will follow
You changed me all for the better, never thought I’d find forever


Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan, David Worby, Jackson Gulick, Ian Mullins