It’s All Good

it's all good

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It’s All Good

(Verse 1)
It ain’t on you, it ain’t on me Sometimes it ain’t meant to be
We gave it a shot, we never thought

We’d grow up, and grow apart
Or we’d both have a change of heart
Guess now we know, that’s how it goes
The end of us won’t be the end of the world

Baby, you can keep my T-shirt
And I don’t need to skip our song
We don’t have to ditch the pictures
And trade the past for moving on
Thinking bout what we had, it wasn’t all bad So It’s All Good

(Verse 2)
Little chance in a little town That I won’t see you around And that’s okay, I’ll still say hey

Friends of yours are friends of mine
We won’t make em pick a side
Like it was, before we were us
I’m not saying it don’t hurt me cause it does rhyme? No rhyme?

But.. (Chorus)

Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan, David Worby, Jackson Gulick, Ian Mullins