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24 February 2016

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Burning all self-help books would be the best thing to happen to potential self-help readers, from “Everything I Learned in Kindergarten” (which was basically nothing–besides, who remembers kindergarten or wants to?), to Buddhist breathing (and breathing is heavily overrated in life – try stopping breathing for awhile and you’ll see what I mean), let alone prior lives, future lives (try this one for a change) and then there are these readers who are basically beyond help, and the writers who were squirrels in prior lives and still haven’t gotten over gathering nuts. People should concentrate more on getting lost rather than being found. Realizing that 90% of the world is starving and couldn’t give a shit about South Beach or Atkins, that Eastern philosophies are just geography and that by and large, medicating is just as good as meditating, it would be a better place.

“Tabuddhisms” embraces all of this wondrous, unphilosphical, sarcastic views with irreverence rather than dignity and integrity (two other overrated items). “Tabuddhisms” realizes one doesn’t have to “see the light”, better to live in darkness.

So, take a moment, read a few, know that life and death really are different as are all people; no, we are not all related, I have no desire to meet Kevin Bacon … and if all of the wasted shelf space throughout Borders, Barnes & Noble and all bookstores dedicated to self-help books, motivational books, spiritual lifting books, etc., were turned into an area for wine and beer tasting, life would be a hell of a lot better.

David Worby

If one toll lane was for triple the toll, rich people could move about more quickly

Dwell in the past, dream of the future, the present will take care of itself.

If kids grew up playing with writer’s blocks, they’d build stories some day

Dr. Atkins dieted for our sins

People who live off of trust funds, should not be trusted

Only Monet can find a needle in a haystack

Urine analysis is great for psychotic bladders

There has never been a non-divorced divorce attorney

Poor people aren’t doing enough to fight poverty

Working hard and breathing are overrated. Hold your breath and be lazy

“Peripheral Vision”– Children’s novel by Cindy Beer-Fouhy and David Worby

David also writes poems and short stories.