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Woulda Coulda

I woulda coulda shoulda said I love you
But words are not my way
Not like the ones that said you’re leaving me
That’s what I heard today
Seems like everybody knows the reasons
Cause no one’s looking my way
It’s not my luck and it’s not the seasons
Something else is keeping her away

They say I keep to myself and that I’m hard to know
They say she’s the only one trying to give us a home

I woulda coulda shoulda said I love you
But that got lost along the way
Guess that is why you’re leaving me
It’s what I heard today
I’m not about to start complaining
We all lose a lot, but living alone sure isn’t easy
Still I need to move on

See I never said goodbye to my momma
No goodnight from my dad
I lost them on a rainy night
It was the last love I ever had
Here’s what I remember, what I can’t forget
I couldn’t stop crying
Did my tears make that road wet

Well I woulda coulda shoulda said I love you
But words were not my way
Now I’m asking please don’t leave me
I’ll be loving you in every way
Loving you in everyway

©David Worby

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