Same Ole Crazy

same old crazy

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Same Ole Crazy

I work 9 to 5 every day of the week
I’m a jeckyll and hyde I’m a weekend freak
they say I ain’t never had too much fun
my daddy was a rifle I’m a son of a gun
I ain’t too hot or cool for the room
I justa do my thang it ain’t nothin new

you can’t blame me you can’t change me
but you can have me if you can take me
I hear all the made up played up things they say about me
it don’t phase me baby I’m the same old crazy

another saturday night hangin at the bar
she come a struttin in like a movie star
she was sitting next to me when I heard last call
I told her take a sip and she drank it all
she’ll come with me if I have any luck
’cause I keep a pillow in the bed of my truck

©David Worby, Amanda Martin and Kevin Post