Oh My God

oh my God

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Oh My God

People begging on the side of the road for nothin but a hot meal
Turn on the news thinking there’s no way that’s it’s real

So much hate so much loss
Seems like everything is wrong

Is there really a light at the end of this ordeal

Oh my God what’s goin on here?
Oh my God how we do know we’re
Doing this right the way you wanted us to do
Do you hear all the praying?
We’re in a big mess
We need your help
We need forgiveness
Don’t give up on us cause all we need is you
Oh my God

There’s a reason mama always said go to church on Sunday
And made sure we kept it up and always kept the faith every single day

It’s more than words it’s hard work
Gotta get your hands down in that dirt

Then come home and bow your head while daddy says grace


Gotta get back give in
Do more take less
If we’re ever gonna be blessed


David Worby, Mark Narmore, Alyssa Trahan