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From Where I Stand

I got an old truck I can barley keep her runnin’
A roof over my head that lets a little rain and sun in
A day job and a night shift that keep the lights on
And a woman who loves me though I’m hardly ever home
You say what kind of life is that

From where I stand I’m a wealthy man
You can bet I’m proud of who I am
And I count my blessings every day
Got my faith and two hard workin’ hands
And I’m a lucky man from where I stand

Got a call from an old friend today
Said he was outta work didn’t have no place to stay
I said I got a couch you can use any time
And I got two jobs you can have one of mine
It may not look like the promised land


I get down on my knees every night
And thank the good lord for all that I have
And I’m a wealthy man from where I stand
I’m a wealthy man from where I stand

©David Worby, Gary Hannan, Dave Gibson