Anywhere You Find It

anywhere you find it

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Anywhere You Find It

I’ve spent my whole life searchin’
Everyday workin’ on where it lies
And what it means
I took my share of wrong turns
‘til my hurtin’ heart learned
I was wastin’ precious time
It’s not a destination or the end of a journey
It’s a state of mind

Happiness is anywhere you find it
High or low, near and far and everywhere in between
In the arms of a lover, the eyes of a child
Yeah we all see it differently
Oh happiness is anywhere you find it

Wearin’ your new sunglasses
With your favorite song blastin’
From the speakers on your radio
Ridin’ with the top down
Crusin’ round a Gulf Shore highway
Chasin’ down a sunset
Headin’ to your private little getaway

Might be hidden right before your eyes
Under grey skies there’s sunshine

©David Worby, Joe Doyle, Amanda Martin