A Woman Holds a Man

woman holds a man

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A Woman Holds a Man

In every man’s mind he believes he’s in control
In every woman’s heart there’s a secret that she knows
And when I need reminding about where I really stand
I think back on my old man
And these words that he once said

There’s an old unspoken law
That was written when time began on a caveman’s wall
Passed down to my dad back then
By my grandpa from his great grandpa
It’ll be around when I’m gone
And my boys get grown then they’ll know
Oh, man might hold a woman in his arms
But a woman holds a man
In the palm of her hand

Sometimes she loosens up her grip
Lets me escape every now and then
And sit down in some bar
And I got a cold one with my old friend
And then she calls and I hear her voice
And I know I ain’t got no choice
I’m right back in her hand
And those words again from my old man

Ain’t like I’ve been gone that long
But when I get home and oh she’s all alone
Oh it gets me, yeah she gets me
And I’m so glad I’m home

©David Worby and Kim Tribble