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24 February 2016


“Lass” – Award Winning Screenplay by David Worby
A beautiful, red-headed, college-bound, 19 year-old Irish “Lass” waitressing at a golf resort in Ireland, encounters four New York City Universe Masters on their annual golfing escapade (and a wee bit too much of their champagne). Three years later we find her in a New York City courtroom as a pro se attorney against the four men, and the system, to prove one is the father of her child … proof which changes everything….

Some of David Worby’s other screenplays include:

“Ghetto Girls” – based on the novel, directed by Benny Boom
“18 or 81” – Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, Aaron Carter, + Li’l Romeo
“Among the Righteous”– optioned to Robert Macarelli (Omega Code)
“Maestra”– Winner finalist, New Century Writer Competition
“Primary Evidence”– optioned to Matt Weiner
“Perfect Date” – romantic comedy