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25 February 2016

Cuts | Singles Recorded

“I Can’t Get My Heart Around That” by David Worby, Amanda Martin and Larry Cordle
Recorded by Julie Myers, Matt Kennon

Can't Get My Heart Around That
Can't Get My Heart Around That

“Play You Again” by David Worby, Georgia Middleman and Amanda Green
Recorded by Alannah McCready

Play You Again

“Living Large In A Small Town” by David Worby, Amanda Martin and Zac Wrixon
Recorded by Trini Triggs

Livin' Large in a Small Town

“Love Without You” by David Worby
Recorded by Jens Marni

Love Without You

“Alone Another Night” by David Worby, Kent Agee and Burton Collins
Recorded by Roveena Gnanabakthan

Alone Another Night

“I Never Let You Go” by David Worby, Jon Randall and John Wiggins
Recorded by Dan Evans, a Universal release

I Never Let You Go

“All That I Am” by David Worby and Bobby Carmichael
Recorded by Vince Hatfield, J.K Coltrain

All That I Am
All That I Am

“Doin’ What You Love” by David Worby and Karen Staley
Recorded by Derek O’Bannon

Doin' What You Love

“Superstar” by David Worby, Andreas Monta and Michael Grant
Recorded by Alicia Madison


“No Tomorrow Tonight” by David Worby and Dina Fanai
Recorded by Dina Fanai

No Tomorrow Tonight

Other Noteworthy Mentions:
Fidel Hernandez is recording David’s song “Aleena” produced by hit songwriter/producer Blake Mevis.
Hot new Latin recording artist, Aura, (Warner Brothers, Portugal) is recording two of David’s songs in Spanish for her upcoming CD release
Dina Fanai recorded 5 of David’s songs for a special EP
Amy Taylor is performing “Play You Again” for her live performances.