The Long Way

The Long Way

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The Long Way

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Something’s they happen in their own time
At times I felt like I had fallin’behind
So many others they went rushin’ by
And took their place
As I stood in their wake

Started to wonder what became of me
And for a moment there I let go of my dreams
But something inside that I couldn’t see
Got me here
Through all the pain and tears

Yes sometimes the best way is the long way
You’re thinking it’s the wrong way
And suddenly you’re there
You know I’m thankful for the journey
And the lessons I been learnin’
I can finally say the best way is the long way

Looking back there was a reason why
Thing wouldn’t happen no matter how I tried
Seems better angels were on my side
And who I am today
It was worth the wait

There ain’t shortcuts there’s no easy way
to getting where you’re meant to be
Just hold on and believe

©David Worby, Joanna Cotten and Greg Barnhill