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Male Vocals:

Female Vocals:

One man’s horizon
rose from the plane
One mans laid eyes on
The bird through the window pane
One man climbed stairways
Then fell back to earth
One man raised lanterns
Through clouds of dust and dirt

Put your life on the line
Take your heart off of hold
Don’t let dreams and passion grow cold
It’s a question of brave
It’s a question of save
In this life, make us strong, make us bold

One woman’s freefall
Another gently sings
Answering the children’s call
To be born on angels’ wings
Years come and years go
Justice waits for sight
In shadows and short of breath
A crowd in need of light


Hail the horizon
With every step we take
God will you grant us the courage
In every choice we make

Put it all on the line
Give it all every time


Hail the horizon
Hail the horizon

©Power Pitch Music/I’m Not Mozart Music
Written by Stephanie Salzman and David Worby