Where An Answer Ought To Be

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Where An Answer Ought To Be

Love’s a gamble, love’s a game
And no two people play the same
You bet too much you give and take
You bend, you burn, you bluff, you break
And flyin blind you trust your heart
You twist and turn and stop and start
Then do it all again
You gotta learn to lose and win

By the light of a quarter moon she watches
Down the road past a weeping willow tree
There’s a voice in the dark asking what she’s waiting for
But there’s just hope where an answer ought to be

She comes and goes she runs away
She doesn’t know the night from day
She’s caught between believing
And just leaving love alone
She’s out there starin into space
That empty open lonesome place
But somehow now she’ll find her way
To bein alright on her own

There’s no message on the phone, where an answer ought to be
All her friends just say “hold on”, where an answer ought to be
He told her it’s not you it’s me, I just need a little time

©David Worby, Kent Agee and Matt Nolen)