The Man that Momma Married

man that momma married

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The Man that Momma Married

There’s a picture on her dresser
He’s in a Navy uniform
Over time the date has worn off
But I must have just been born

Cause I heard that three months later
He took off with the rent
Went to Jersey to see Springsteen
And hasn’t been back since

He fought for his country but not for us
She worked two jobs just to keep up
My grandma watched me when I got home from school
He wasn’t there for my first date
He wasn’t there when I came home late
But I’m not made but sometimes I wish I knew
The man that Momma married

I fell in love with a blue eyed boy
Who worked at the music store
He dropped out of high school
Cause he said that he was bored

I’d visit him on Fridays
We’d go ridin in his car
We would never go anywhere
Just looking for a place to park

He didn’t say much, but I knew what he meant
We moved in together and split the rent
When I told Momma the news she gave me a hug
I know there’s no guarantee
And I pray to God he stays by me
Cause Grandma said he reminds her of
The man that Momma married

We fight sometimes when things get rough
He’s working two jobs so we can keep up
And our baby girl turns three years old today
When he walks through the door she’s on her feet
He twirls her around, they both smile at me
I already know what she’s gonna say
Cause she’s so in love with
The man that Momma married
The man that Momma married

©David Worby, Lacy Green and Marcum Stewart