Missing Pieces of You

missing pieces of you

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Missing Pieces of You

There’s a hole in the door wasn’t there before
The bed’s unmade and the coffee’s always cold
I got bills and dishes pilin’ up
Yeah I feel just like my beat up truck
And my wheels are turning slow
Oh it’s hard lettin’ go

From the east coast, west coast
Dusk ‘til dawn, I can’t go back and I can’t move on
‘Til I find out what I did and didn’t do
Did I give too little, and want too much
Will you find somebody else to love
While I’m lookin’ for missing pieces of you

There’s an empty space where your clothes used to hand
God it’s been so long but it feels like yesterday
There’s a picture hangin’ sideways in the bedroom
Right above the place we used to lay
‘bout the only thing you didn’t take away

I can’t go back and I can’t move on

©David Worby, Amanda Martin, Bobby Carmichael