It’s You

It's you

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It’s You

I’m at a loss…
We’re together, we’re apart
Always on an up and down
It’s on, it’s off
Turning switches in my heart
Spinning my head around
Always there, never sure
Yes or no, either or
One day we’ve just begun, the next we’re through
Come or go, can’t decide
In the dark, haven’t got a clue

It’s you
Driving me out of my mind
It’s you
Got me so I can’t draw the line
Skidding into slide
What a crazy ride
And I don’t know what I’m gonna do

What’s this we’ve got
Some kind of mirage
That’s just gonna disappear
We on or not
Can’t make plans because
You’re constantly shifting gears
It’s a high, it’s a low
It’s stop and go
We’re off and running suddenly we stall
It’s so good, then it’s gone
It’s back but not for long
Here I am again…up against the wall

©David Worby and Stephanie Salzman